Baker’s Dough Calculator

– the easiest way to perfect your dough 

bakers dough calculator


Become a

Sourdough Master!

Sourdough is a science and an art, and you can easily become the dough master using this simple to use app!

Only two simple steps to calculate your sourdough recipe:

  1. Enter the amount of flour
  2. Nominate your hydration

Your dough formula is presented!

cooking at home is fun

Easy Pizza Dough

beats the shop!

The Pizza base is the foundation of a delicious pizza and now you can calculate the perfect dough!

Choose how many pizzas you want and what size – the dough calculator does the rest!

bakers dough calculator
bakers dough calculator
bakers dough calculator
bakers dough calculator
bakers dough calculator
bakers dough calculator


Use this app to convert instant yeast weight to other types of yeast

Instant yeast is so convenient, except for when your recipe asks for active dry or fresh yeast.

The Bakers Dough Calculator gives you instant conversions, ensuring you have all the right information you need at your fingertips.

Automatic yeast value transfer:

  1. Start with the white bread converter
  2. Convert yeast with the yeast converter

Leave your teaspoon and measuring cups behind, we’re using the scales from now on!


Start easy with the default settings for flour weight and hydration or experiment to perfect your next batch.

All the ratios for flour, starter, yeast, and salt are included. You’re just a few clicks away from making your first or next masterpiece!

White Bread & Rolls

The mystery of perfect white bread dough is revealed! Apply the same formulas to make many other bread recipes.

Just follow the simple formula from this app to make the perfect dough.

Delicious Pizza Dough

Produce unbeatable pizza dough results that are also repeatable! Record your recipes and have access to them whenever you feel the urge!

bakers dough calculator


The Bakers Dough Calculator

– All you need to start your baking journey

Sourdough Calculator

With the most important information at your fingertips, you will soon master the art of baking sourdough.

Keep records of all of your formulas.

White Dough Calculator

Experiment with white bread, rolls, focaccia, and other dough formulas as you develop skills on the way to becoming a dough master!

Pizza Dough Calculator

Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as bad pizza, but with the Baker’s Dough Calc App you can guarantee excellent pizza!

Yeast Converter

Simply convert from instant or granulated yeast to active dry yeast and fresh yeast.

When making white bread, the yeast calculation is automatically added to the converter screen

Save & Share Recipes

Simply save your perfected dough formula for easy reference or share it with friends.

Create your favorite formulas and keep them on hand for when inspiration hits you! 

What are Baker's Ratios?

It’s simply the ratio of all ingredients measured against the total flour weight (100%), expressed as a percentage. It is also known as Baker’s Percentage, Baker’s Percent, Flour Weight, or Baker’s Math.

bakers dough calculator

Your baking journey starts right here!

Download the all new iOS Baker’s Dough Calculator
by clicking this link:

bakers dough calculator

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