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cooking at home is fun delicious home cooked food


Michael and Melinda, the team behind cooking at home is fun. We started off travelling and cooking and eating and travelling some more. This created a desire to do it more and more. We would often find ourselves replicating meals we have had while out because the moment was made so good with the food.

We research every one of our recipes, trial them, cook them, experiment. Sometimes keeping all the original ingredients and other times making our own regional versions. All this work is a pleasure and our book provides everyone with starting point full of hints and tips and the best ways to cook the most popular meals in the most simple way.

You can find our work on facebook, vimeo, twitter, instagram and this web site and our terrific Floaty Doughnut App  is available in the app store along with a roast calculator app too. Both are free for iPhone users.

Our books have recently been offered for sale with a charity profit share so we can give a little back to the community too.

We're proud to say that our books are available for sale world-wide and have audiences from all over too. We guess it's not surprising since the recipes serve such a common bond between people, families and communities regardless of geography.

If you would like to make contact with us for food or other reasons, contact us via the contact page on this website or via any of our social media links, we would be delighted to hear from you.


cooking at home is fun delicious home cooked food

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